HYGIENICA vs. Electrostatic sprayers

There are a number of disinfecting technologies currently available on the market. But when you look closely at the numbers, there is no comparison.

HYGIENICA Electro•Hygiene Systems are 2 - 3x more productive than leading electrostatic sprayers.

Just what makes HYGIENICA so much more effective? Take a look at the chart below to discover what makes us stand out from the competition.


Delivery System

Ultra Low Volume
(ULV) Cold Atomization

Electro-static charge.

Disinfecting solutions typically not tested under this condition.

Power Source


Typically battery powered

Run Time

8+ hours/day

2 - 3 hours before battery requires recharge


20,000+ sf/hr
160,000+ sf/daily

8,000 - 15,000 sf/hr
average 30,000 sf/daily

360 Coverage

Achievable through proper application

Disinfectant Solution

Any EPA registered disinfectant

Proprietary Solution

Repairs & Maintenance

Ease of repair/ship in-ship out warranty center

Most repairs require full replacement.
Slow response times.