Move Clean and HYGIENICA partner to bring new dispensing technology to the transportation space

A Return to Normalcy

Amidst the pandemic, transportation companies, fleets and mass transit have seen a decrease in utilization. As these services prepare to return to higher utilization, partnerships like that of Move Clean and HYGIENICA will provide a sustainable model for operations to keep drivers, riders and workers safe and healthy.

Move Clean, a total vehicle hygiene solution provider, and HYGIENICA, a maker of industry-leading Electro-Hygiene antiviral disinfecting technology, formed a strategic partnership to provide transportation providers with a solution that helps scale their vehicle hygiene efforts.

Transportation is a broad segment that requires multiple form factors to efficiently meet customer’s hygiene expectations. Larger areas, such as commercial fleets, require a dispensing system that is both efficient and fits operator’s workflows. As many commercial fleets are operating under capacity, they are able to get by with suboptimal practices, but when returning to a new normal, operators will need to rethink how they communicate and administer better hygiene practices at scale.

The Hygienica HX Pro Plus is a wearable backpack disinfecting system which provides an easy-to-scale disinfecting solution.

Anywhere drivers and passengers share a space, they engage multiple germ-prone surfaces in the vehicle. As COVID-19 has increased awareness of cleanliness, it has brought attention to the importance of hygiene which historically has been neglected in transportation. Although the need has been acknowledged, many operators are still struggling to figure out what happens next and if they are prepared.  

HYGIENICA’s experience with facilities clients like Amazon, Bloomberg Tower, Villanova University, NYC Subway (MTA), Dallas International Airport, and Caesars Palace demonstrates their equipment’s ability to provide trusted coverage over large areas in an efficient way. Pairing HYGENICA with Move Clean offers a sustainable model for operators to keep drivers, riders and workers safe and healthy.  

"Many operators are starting to realize they have a band-aid solution in place and still need something that can scale when they’re back at higher utilization” said Nathan Fink, founder and president of Move Clean. “We’re excited to partner with HYGIENICA to bring the HX PRO PLUS to the transportation sector given their strong reputation in the facilities space."

“Move Clean has transformed the way in which transportation companies, fleets, mass transit and the like are addressing hygiene in spaces that each of us interacts with on a daily basis. We are excited to be working with Move Clean’s customers to help them achieve superior results and provide their customers with clean, sanitized and pristine surfaces” said Brian Snow, HYGIENICA Chairman.

About Move Clean
Move Clean is a provider of trusted vehicle hygiene solutions to keep drivers, riders and workers safe and healthy. Move Clean is the exclusive disinfection and sanitization partner for Shell and exclusive commercialization partner for Turtle Wax commercial disinfection products in the US and Canada for the vehicle transportation market. For more information, please visit

HYGIENICA is a San Diego-based maker of industry-leading disinfecting technology. Our mission is to build technology to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, and deliver that technology to facility professionals in a timely, convenient manner.