HYGIENICA Launches HX Pro Plus

HYGIENICA Introduces its Next Generation Antiviral Disinfecting Technology for Global Facilities

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, August 30, 2020 - HYGIENICA, the San Diego-based maker of industry-leading antiviral disinfecting technology, has launched its next generation technology, HX Pro Plus. The HX Pro Plus, with its advanced antiviral technology with reimagined industrial design, has been reinvented from the inside out. The HX PRO PLUS leverages its core ULV (ultra low volume) electro-atomization platform, along with several new and advanced features, including a stream-lined black stealth finish that not only looks stunning, but offers increased tank durability. Paired with a high-performance induction motor, high-torque nickel fittings, and optimized ergonomics, the HX Pro Plus is the most sophisticated antiviral technology available on the market.


HYGIENICA technology was developed to mitigate the coronavirus and kills the virus in conjunction with any EPA registered disinfectant and has been proven to be highly effective at eliminating 99.99% of all viruses, pathogens and bacteria. The HX Pro Plus atomizes the disinfectant to a micron size ranging between 40 – 60 uM, and will produce over 20,000sf per hour and pairs perfectly with every leading disinfectant solution in the market. This precise range allows for the disinfectant to properly dwell on the affected surface long enough, typically 2-10 minutes, to kill the virus and other pathogens and germs. 

The company recently secured $1 million in venture funding to further develop its market reach, along with developing its service and warranty program, and  launching its HYGIENICA Certificate Training Program. The service and warranty program minimizes downtime for clients  and  provides quick turnaround and replacements for end users. The Certificate Training Program provides scalable infield training on the proper usage and maintenance of its technology, personal protective equipment training, and disinfectant training to ensure maximum efficacy of our technology. 

“The new HX Pro Plus, coupled with these programs, will provide the best user experience possible,” said HYGIENICA Chairman, Brian Snow. “And ultimately, give people the confidence to return to a safe and healthy work environment.”

HYGIENICA’s technology is already being utilized by a number of high profile clients, including Crunch Fitness, Villanova University, Vornado Realty Trust, NYC Subway (MTA), Caesars Palace, Amazon, Dallas International Airport and top Facility Management companies like BMS, C&W Services, SBM, Flagship, The Service Companies, SGrace Facilities and dozens more, as well as  leading distributors that support the FM industry.

HYGIENICA plans to launch a mobile-friendly IoT sensor later this year that will track performance and usage, provide data-driven notifications, as well as service and maintenance alerts.