Hygienica Launches Certificate Training Portal

San Diego, CA — As the COVID-19 pandemic and need for regular sanitization of spaces continues, a new training portal makes it easier for disinfectant specialists to receive certification.

HYGIENICA, the San Diego-based maker of industry-leading antiviral disinfecting technology, has launched a certification and training portal that is geared towards ensuring that their equipment is used by highly-trained Disinfecting Specialists for the purpose of mitigating the effects of COVID-19.

The portal, which allows equipment operators to certify at their own pace, focuses on proper equipment usage, maintenance, personal protective equipment and disinfectant training, and is compliant with the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) recommendations for environmental cleaning and disinfection.

The company is offering this certificate training free of charge.

“In today’s climate, we strongly feel that anyone who is dedicated to the sanitization and disinfection of a facility should be provided with thorough training, free of charge,” said HYGIENICA Chairman, Brian Snow. “A tool is only as effective as the user.”

HYGIENICA, which recently launched its latest model, the HX Pro Plus, has  ensured accessibility to its certification and training portal by including a QR code on every single model. Once scanned, the code will transport the user to the online certification training program.

Upon successful completion of training, a digital certificate is automatically issued to the test takers registered email address.

For more information and to certify, visit hygienica.net/certification.