Cleaning for Hygiene: Navigating Increased Demands for Disinfecting Services

A recent article on explores the impact of the novel coronavirus and its subsequent economic downturn on the demand for cleaning services. Editor-in-Chief Corinne Zudonyi posits that the pandemic has shined a bright light on cleaning, causing facility executives to realize that cleaning is for much more than appearance: It’s for health. 


As building service contractors, we’ve long understood the connection between facility cleanliness and occupant health. We also know that a clean building isn’t necessarily a disinfected building – that the two are often tied together, but not mutually exclusive. Cleaning for health is paramount more than ever. 

The CDC defines cleaning as removing germs, dirt and impurities from surfaces or objects. The process doesn’t necessarily kill the germs but lowers their numbers and the risk of spreading infection. Whereas disinfecting is killing germs on surfaces or objects through the use of chemicals. A surface could technically still be dirty yet be germ free. A robust janitorial program should involve cleaning and disinfectant cleaning strategies to be effective at mitigating coronavirus, as well as other viruses, bacteria and pathogens. 

A whole slew of new products have hit the market aiming to satisfy the increased demand for disinfecting services. It can be difficult to understand what these different technologies do, so we’ve compiled this short list of things to consider when making a purchase.

Electro-Hygiene Atomizers vs Electrostatic Atomizers 

Electro-Hygiene Atomizers are different from Electrostatic in that they do not electrically charge the solution. Electro-Hygiene technology utilizes ULV  (Ultra Low Volume) cold atomizing which attains the same end result but with a higher production and high capacity units. Both processes are designed to kill 99.99% of any pathogen including SARS-CV-2. This technology offers a few advantages over Electrostatic, namely versatility and productivity. Because most electrostatic units are battery powered, the units do not have the  power output, nor the run time needed for larger commercial applications. Batteries die quickly and take many more hours to charge. Further most electrostatic units use a proprietary disinfectant that requires the user to only use a certain manufacturer. Given the supply constraints around disinfectants, HYGIENICA is focused on allowing its clients to use the EPA registered disinfectant that they feel most comfortable using given the parameters of the facility they are disinfecting. Offer this type of agnostic approaches is key.

The other confusion in the market is when specific types of sprayers are labeled "foggers"--any spray technology that reduces the droplet size of a liquid can be deemed a fogger. The HYGIENICA Electro-Hygiene System's ULV atomizing can be adjusted on all models that allows for an optimal droplet size based on the surface that is being disinfected. For example, if disinfecting various surfaces in a Commercial space, a trained technician will know how to adjust the droplet size for maximum dwell time and efficacy. Restroom surfaces may require a larger Micron size of 50uM, whereas spraying on glass or a copier machine may be a small Micron size that averages 30uM.   

Supply Chain & Delivery Time 

With the sudden increased demand for disinfecting technology, many buyers have discovered long lead times to get these technologies in hand – with some orders taking as long as 16 weeks to arrive! Early on at our inception, HYGIENICA invested heavily in its supply chain. The result is a compacted delivery schedule averaging about 8 days. Our 3PL Fulfillment center in Carlsbad CA can reach any client with overnight deliveries in North America and most packages arrive the same week. End users, big and small, can trust the HYGIENICA Electro-Hygiene system to deliver the results they are looking for.   

HX Pro Plus

In late July, HYGIENICA will ship its latest model which has been under development since March. The HX Pro Plus with its matte finish, sleek stealth design will have numerous design and engineering enhancements, such as robust cord strain relief, new nozzle cone design and high torque nickel fittings for even greater durability.