Become a Strategic Distribution Partner

Cleaning for health is paramount more than ever. As the coronavirus pandemic lingers on, and businesses seek a safe way to reopen, disinfecting technology will play a crucial role.

Over the past several months, we’ve seen an increased demand for disinfecting technologies – schools, gyms, and offices have rushed to get their hands on this equipment, with orders often placed on back order for as many as 16 weeks!

HYGIENICA, the San Diego-based maker of the industry-leading HX Pro Plus Electro•Hygiene System, has invested heavily in its supply chain, eliminating the wait time and guaranteeing product delivery in 10 days or less.

With its corded power supply, and ability to produce more than 20,000 sf per hour, the HX Pro Plus Electro•Hygiene System is an atomizing backpack sprayer perfect for disinfectant specialists who sanitize on a large scale basis. Our technology works by atomizing disinfectant solutions to a very fine coating, allowing it to provide 360° coverage on surfaces, including hard to reach areas.

We are looking for strategic distribution partners (SDP) for our proven electro•hygiene system. As an SDP, you will receive direct access to all HYGIENICA support programs, including marketing and training, have semi-exclusivity within your sales region, and receive priority shipping for all of your clients.
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