Atomizing Sprayers Preferred Disinfecting Technology of State-of-the-Art Health Care Facility

As businesses everywhere continue their progress towards safely reopening their facilities, a question that plagues many facility managers is what can we do to mitigate the spread of Covid-19?

While there are a couple of different strategies out there, State-of-the-Art Health Care facilities, like the NYU Langone Health Helen L. and Martin S. Kimmel Pavilion, have come to rely on atomizing sprayers, the same technology behind the HYGIENICA™ Electro•Hygiene System.

NYU Langone first discovered this technology when they opened in 2018. Their Building Services team collaborated with experts in infection prevention and control to identify an effective solution that would reduce the application time compared to conventional cleaning and disinfection methods. With the sudden onset of the novel coronavirus, their investment in this technology has paid off in dividends.

“If I spray the front of something, you can touch the back of it and it will be wet because the solution gets pulled around the whole surface.”

—Joe Mraz, Director of Building Services Operations

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